Saori (pc and quest)

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♥ nsfw
♥ skin material swaps
♥ expressions
♥ contacts
♥ pc and quest versions
♥ hair material swaps
♥ clothing material swaps
♥ particles
♥ eye material swaps
♥ follower
♥ gogo locomotion (may have bugs due to vrc update)



all swaps as pc
♥ all toggles as pc version
♥ no follower/ purring no longer works on quest
♥ bones on tail, boobs, butt, wings, halo, arm strap (feel free to edit bones to ur liking)


♥ bodysuit
♥ comfy set
♥sweater dress
♥ bra and panties
♥ nsfw
♥ contacts
♥ socks
♥ shoe
♥ wings
♥ halo
♥ gloves
♥ arm ribbon
♥ particles
♥ material swaps
♥ paw trails
♥ follower


♥ base (pandaabear) (edits by me) link

♥ head (sleepyvrc) link

♥ face textures (sleepyvrc) (major edits and retextures by me) DO NOT USE! can buy them here

♥ socks, ears, tail, ear + tail ribbons and bells, bra, panties, pasties (me)

♥ body texture (ying.vr) edits by me link

♥ lace set, sweater dress, angel set, gloves, halo, wings (rinebean) link link link

♥ heels (peachanas) link

♥ heart particles (emietoast) link

♥gogo locomotion (franada) link

♥ quest conversion (deadkittyvr) link

♥ nose particles (kisustar) link

♥ easy receivers (pupvr) link

♥ paw trail particles (medice14) link

♥ follower (bearlytrap) link

♥ hair (saikura) link

♥ purring link

♥ pet follow system (Red#1832) link

if i forgot to credit u please tell me!!!!!!

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my avatars are not to be given out to anyone
♥ my avatars are not to be posted in public worlds or sites or downloaded from them
♥ do not upload my avatars as public and allow others to clone them
♥ do not take/use the assets on my avatars unless buying them from their original creators
♥ my avatars are not to be used for commercial purposes
♥ my edits of the assets are not to be used
♥ if buying as a gift for a friend please put their info in!
♥ you must put your proper info in!
♥ failing to put proper info or failing to follow tos will have you banned from buying from me again
head texture AND eye textures on this avi is my edit and mostly drawn by me do NOT USE!!

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Saori (pc and quest)

13 ratings
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